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Thread: Hi from New Caledonia

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    These ones are exceptionnal in term of size (i plan to take a few of their seeds this year to take their genetics, because the conditions in which they grow are quite similar to other places where they are always smaller).
    The ground here is made of laterites and iron oxyde cap. In this particular place It's seasonally wet but not watterlogged (even if i also found big one growing directly in the water, with no roots in the soil) Sometimes i'm quite impressed how this drosera specie can handle dry conditions (in january for example)...i think this is because of the root system that can be quite developped.
    I tried to grow this specie 15 years ago, as a classic tropical drosera (from wild seeds), without great success.
    Then i leave the main island to work as biology teacher in Maré (a carbonated island,, so water is poison i abandoned my CP collection)

    Today i plan to retry, with a more scientific approach... and I'll let you know for sure !!

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