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Thread: Back at it!

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    Back at it!

    Hey all,

    Some of you guys might remember me from a little while ago. I took a break and travelled around for a while. I lost my entire collection recently when I left it for a few days during a move and my humidifier malfunctioned during a heat wave. I had some really cool plants and I feel like I let some of my CP-peers down by killing some amazing plants that they trusted me to give cuttings of

    That being said, I never lost my interest in nepenthes. I've seen many of them in situ and drooled over photos on the Internet in my absence and now I'm going to start over new now that I've settled back down in one spot for a bit.
    I'm planning on starting a small grow tent setup that I can grow a few select species of nepenthes in as well as some heliamphora (my girlfriend is particularly interested in the Heli's haha).

    Just wanted to say hi to some of my ol' buddies if you're still around and waddup to the new folk! Missed you guys!
    Too weird to live, too rare to die.

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    It has been a long time. Welcome back.
    "Blessed are the cracked….
    For they are the ones who let in the light."

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