I just got some Trigger Plant seeds and I just want to know if my method of germination will work. If ANYONE even knows. What I did was take the seeds and rub them with some sandpaper a few times because I read that they require scarification in order to germinate. So I did that and then I put them in a mixture of peat and sand (that's the best I have) and covered the seeds with about maybe a half inch of the peat and sand mixture and every day I water the seeds with warm water since I have them in my terrarium and it gets cold in my room where the terrarium is...despite the heater under the tank it still gets cold on the surface so that's why I water it with warm water.

Anyways, I want to know if anyone has had any experience with growing a trigger plant at all. It's a cool little plant and I really hope it does grow so I guess I'll have to cross my fingers on this one. I do have some seeds left over just in case I messed up and need to try again. Though I may decide to go to plan C instead. And that's a secret. ;D