I got some neat Aristolochia seed from england this winter and 8 weeks after sowing I've got some cool stuff:

First is Aristolochia maxima.

A rare tree like species with atypical leaves for the genus (they're ovate instead of heartshaped) as with the other ovate leaves tree-like species A. arborscens it blooms on the woody trunk in enormous sprays of nepenthes pitcher shaped blooms. Mine are in 2 1/2" nursery pots so it'll be a while!

The seed of A. maxima is large as well, this one I scanned below was exactly 2.5 cm/1" . If you ever sow aristo seed plant it in this position (heart shaped point down) for best germination.

In a batch of not-so-uncommon Aristolochia elegans (aka A. littoralis/Calico flower) I found a neat surprise!

My cameras batteries ran out so I didn't get picks yet of the other seedlings A. baetica - a diminutive species with nepenthes pitcher shaped blooms under each leaf and A. chilensis, a scrambling groundcovering vine (not climbing) with upstanding nepenthes pitcher shaped blooms. And A. grandiflora with possibly the hugest baglike flowers.