Hey folks, I'm hoping maybe someone here has a slight obscure lily affliction like me and can give me some tips. Today I picked up a Zephyranthes grandiflora (OCA Z. rosea according to Plant Delights Nursery). It's coming into bloom the already blooming siblings were beautiful but i want to enjoy it as long as possible-you know...

Anyway, I'm going to repot it (just transplant) today as it's small cup is very crammed with new grass-like rosettes and theres some very long roots coming out of the bottom of the pot.

My main questions would be should the soil be very light and fast draining yet hold water or be more heavy and "bog soil" like? This particular nursery uses peat/perlite for everything except orchids but I know plants do have their prefered soil mixes.

Websites say that it often flowers after a rain, how often should it be watered? I normally have to water my patio plants even if it rains as there is an immobile awning.

The tag says "recurrent bloomer" blooms come from the soil next to the adult rosette. Will each adult rosette repeat bloom in the same season if I have selfed the first bloom?

Should this be grown as a container plant year round or allowed to go dormant like regular garden lilies?

I'd like to hear about any experiences you may have with them!