Hey everybody,

Long time no see! I used to be an active member a few months ago but have since fallen out of my usual habits of checking the forum due to college but after returning home and finding all but one of my seed grown N. mirabilis (complete with location data no less and sporting a 12" leaf span) all killed by the hands that I left them in I may be browsing the forums a bit more regularly.

My question though is kind of a feeler trade. Does anyone out there have any tea plants (Camellia sinensis) or cuttings that they would be willing to trade for? I don't have a whole lot any more after the whole crispy Nepenthes scenario back home but I'm sure I can scrounge some things up if only some bizarre house plants.

If anyone has anything feel free to PM me or post here. I will try to keep checking with some frequency but I can't promise a speedy response.

Thank you all! Happy growing!