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Thread: Anyone have Calceolaria 'Walter Shrimpton'?

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    Anyone have Calceolaria 'Walter Shrimpton'?

    My biggest passion is hiking and backpacking in the high alpine areas of the Rockies, and over the years have grown a fond appreciation for the unique plants of the high alpine clime.

    So - I'm thinking of expanding out into the 'Alpine Plant' hobby. Now I realize it would be a challenge to keep the temps down in the summer. Other than that I shouldn't have a problem here.

    While searching, I came across the plant listed in the title, and fell in love. Here's a thread which has a picture of it about halfway down:

    Anyone have this plant or know where to find a source for them?

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    Sure is purty!

    I believe this is a cultivar of Calceolaria darwinii as seen below:

    I've been looking to get one of those for years! Nobody who sells Cals can tell me about where to score a darwinii. It's like the N. edwardsiana of Calceolarias. I like Cals alot. You can get common red, yellow and orange spotted hybrids in spring but none have the lady slipper bloom habit of C. darwinii. Contrary to what the books say, they will rebloom and keep growing as a potted plant. Keep them outdoors and shady (no direct sun - just a few hours in morning is good for them though) and moist through the the summer and brighter light in spring & fall when it's cool and you won't even need to have true alpine conditions for the ones I've owned. Never got seeds from mine though.

    Just checked Ebay, still no C. darwinii but plenty of small yellow species many with upright blooming habit.

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