I first tried growing miracle fruit may-june-ish of 2009 with seeds. I have one seedling remaining from that, with about ten leaves (very slow growing plant). I also bought a bear root larger plant from thailand, which is currently a twig in a pot. Apparently the bear root shipping was a big cause of its death, so I wasn't going to do that again.

Yesterday I received a new miracle fruit plant from blackrivernursery.com because I know the seller and what I'm actually getting. It's a one foot tall plant that's about three years old and it came potted so no transplant shock for me! I have it in my grow area where it receives indirect sun all day with a T8 4 foot bulb ten inches above it. It needs high humidity so it's in a plant humidity bag with a tray of pebbles and water next to it in the bag. No flower buds as of yet but it's in a small pot for its size and I'm going to repot it soon, and hopefully will then get fruit.

Plant in its packaging


In its new home, hopefully for more than a few months!

As comparison, this is my previous plant.

I was wondering if anyone could help me with this... A few leaves had these round circles, and it kind of looks like a disease. Does anyone know what they are?

For those of you who don't know and is wondering what this thread is about, the miracle fruit plant is a small tropical shrub/tree that produces small red berries, that when eaten will make sour things taste sweet! Chew on a berry and then drink a cup of lemon juice. It tastes like lemonade, no tart whatsoever.

There's a forum specifically for growing the plant, and I have a similar thread here: http://www.miracletaste.com/index.php/topic,276.0.html

I will succeed this time!