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Thread: How do you grow oyster mushrooms

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    Question How do you grow oyster mushrooms

    How do you grow oyster mushrooms? Can I buy a few at the store, chop them up and sprinkle the pieces in coffee grounds?
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    The short answer is no.

    Oyster Mushrooms grow in straw, the straw must be layered with cured manure (dried/not stinky) and sterilized. There can be no foreign molds or fungi in the mushroom culture or it will crash or even become poisonous. The bag of manure and straw can be injected with a sterile spore solution to get the culture started. Once the bag is fully colonized you can dump it into a sterile tray and put sterilized coco coir over top of the colonized mix and cover the tray with a lid or foil, place in a dark warm location for 2 weeks. take the lid off and allow some light to reach it, you will start to get mushrooms fruiting.

    You will need to order a sterile spore syringe from a mycology supplier online to get a sterile spore solution. Order the "Lets Grow Mushrooms" DVD set from Amazon before you get too into the idea. Keith's video gives very good tutorials on all aspects of mushroom culturing, letting you know the supplies, equipment and steps necessary for culturing a wide variety of mushrooms using different medias used for different species, all at home in your kitchen.
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    Oysters will grow on a variety of substrates. straw, newspaper, coffee grounds, cardboard, etc.
    NO manure.
    You will have to order a culture syringe or culture slant to grow them.
    The substrate must be pasteurized.
    Check out the mushroom forums and ignore the 'Kids' there.
    I have grown mushrooms in the past and it's very easy if you do the research.
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    From being washed & moved & refrigerated & all that, it's very unluckily that you would be able to get any good spores from store bought mushrooms...
    Check eBay, you can buy mushroom kits that make it pretty easy to grow them...
    I've bought a few in the past & have had good luck with all of them...
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