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Thread: How to get blackberry rootstocks started

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    How to get blackberry rootstocks started

    I fried my brambles (blackberries) by keeping them in too bright of light this summer one is flaming orange now! I've been able to save one and it's started growing in the light-bleed of my terrarium shelves but I have recently bought a pile of various bramble cultivar root stocks. Now I have two 24" x 24" planters with 4 root stocks in each.

    I was wondering if there is anything I can do to induce them to start? Do I need to put them outside in hopes of some cool night air spurring them on? Right now they're just sitting by the terrarium shelves. Only one has put up a growth lead the other 7 are just sitting there (perhaps they are making roots and not really doing nothing just look like it). I didn't bury the whole rhizome type thing the canes come out of, just the roots, should I bury the whole thing?

    Not concerned about flowers/berries at all just getting the foliage going. Thanks for any input!
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