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Thread: fancy colored peppers indoors?

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    No, I mean just the leaves, Tomato leaves are toxic.

    I'm only interested in growing the apple sized cooking peppers like a green pepper only red, yellow and orange. NOT the Bahut Jalookia or Scotch Bonnet I can't even eat green peppers much (heartburn) but the colored ones are milder with less acid. They just cost 4 x as much. I figured a couple plants in big pots would be nice to try. Outside in good weather under lights in winter. I wonder if they can be "perpetual flowering/fruiting" with heavy ferts and steady light cycle? Daturas flower and fruit continuously with heavy ferts. With Daturas I fertilize with bloom formula in every watering.

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    I think tomatoes and peppers are both nightshades, so they probably share the toxicity. Mmm, deadly deadly nightshade.
    I don't know about continuous fruiting but I've seen pepper plants cycled between vegetative growth and flowering for several seasons for multiple crops. You can do a continuous drip-feed in pure hydroton and grow them huge. All you need is a fountain pump and a good drainage tray - they've got these big concrete mixing tubs at Home Depot for $12 that work great.
    My apartment is on the cool side so peppers are a no go for me, but I'm going to be growing some hydroponic kale and various herbs once I make some shelf space. It's a lot easier than you'd think from listening to weed growers. XD
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