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Thread: A few plants needing IDs

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    Question A few plants needing IDs

    I would like to know their names, and for those i've already know their names, i'm just checking if it was correct. Thanks!

    Here are some cactus.

    Then here are some plants

    Below here theres 2 types of plants

    Then here is something weird, its a blob thing like a fresh water sponge but its not i think, Its soft like a lump of mud jelly or silk pillow feel. But it turns minty green blue under sun light. It got covered by algae so i left it in the dark to recover back from green algae to minty green blue.

    Here is before.
    Top View

    Bottom View

    Here is after putting it in the dark to become its original form when i found it in a pond.

    And after a few more days from recovering from the dark. Sunlight made its colors grow again.

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