Chiranthodendron pentadactylon is a Mexican cloud forest tree that goes by a number of nicknames such as the "Devil's Hand Tree". x Chiranthofremontia lenzii is the hybrid of Chiranthodendron with the common California native bush/tree Fremontodendron. Both are extremely cool trees. I grow the hybrid because it can bloom a lot smaller. Mine is blooming right now in a 1 gallon pot. The SF Botanical garden has a much larger one, which is possibly in constant bloom. They also have at least a half dozen Chiranthodendron pentadacylon trees, which are also blooming (again I think maybe they bloom all year).

Here's an article from the SF Botanical Garden on the hybrid:

Both trees drop "hands" on the ground, in case one didn't look up to see them. The part that resembles a hand is the stamens of the flower:

Chiranthodendron also forms seed pods (the hybrid does not) which fall to the ground:

The pods split open to reveal seeds:

And here's what the hybrid x Chiranthofremontia lenzii looks like in bloom, flowers still on the "tree".

Notice that the flower above has considerable nectar in it. I read one site where the writer described the sugary liquid as "the nectar of the gods". It is indeed very tasty.