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Thread: A Bryophyte tray

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    A Bryophyte tray

    On my fairly frequent perambles if I come across a new area of Bryophytes I take a small sample ( around 2cm x 2 cm) for identification. It saves lying on the ground with a x10 or X20 loupe or constantly bending down. ( The bending down is easy it's the getting up again.) I do keep some of these small samples if I've been unable to identify the plants and add them all to a tray with the location. It's amazing how some plants adapt very quickly.
    This is representative one such tray, it's from this week.

    I use quarter trays so that does indicate just how small these Bryophytes are.

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    Very nice! It looks very similar to a tropical species a friend brought back from Puerto Rico several years ago. Sadly to my knowledge nobody was able to keep it very long.
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