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Thread: Anyone figured out bind weed?

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    Anyone figured out bind weed?

    Somehow this bind weed can grow under sidewalks and plastic with no light and probably little to no water. I removed some decorative rock covering a plastic barrier and cut some slits in the plastic to plant some low water plants. I found vines of bind weed under the plastic. These vines were growing about 2 feet in from the edge of the plastic. They came from an area about 1 ft square. How does it survive?

    Looks like the vines die eventually. There are some dead vines in the pile but new vines replace the dead. AFAIK, this plant isn't parasitic, mycotrophic, or carnivorous. It probably has no endophytes. The only other plant related things I found in the dirt under the plastic were roots from a tree that is about 10 feet away. I expect next Spring I'll see green bind weed crawling out of the holes I cut in the plastic.
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