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Thread: Monotropa uniflora

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    Hello all ,
    i found Monotropa uniflora also called indian pipe and a host of other names, and i need help. i have searched the net for information but all they tell you is that it is extremely difficult to cultivate due to it complex relationships with bacteria and trees. I need to know if some one has found a way to cultivate these strange plants. Please if you know any one who has had success with this plant or know some one who does please message me.



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    It would be very tough to grow. You'd need a suitable host tree, and the host fungus both growing before you could get it to grow.
    It might be possible to take seeds, dead leaves of other plants and soil from a site where it is growing, and get both the plant and the fungus growing, or possibly you would have to get the fungus established before planting the seeds. It would likely be a long time (years) before you could find out if it worked.
    Transplanting a plant would almost certainly just kill it. I don't know of anyone that has had success, (or even really tried) so any of this could be in error, but it is the most likely way of cultivating it I know of.

    Here's one site that explains a little, but may or may not be accurate, and doesn't really tell how to grow them.

    I know some people have had success with leafless orchids, if you look for that, it could possibly have some information that could help. I doubt you will be able to find anyone that has had success growing it.

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