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Thread: Now Open :)

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    Off the advice of one of our own....We have decided to add another forum.

    We would like this to be for ANYTHING that you would like to discuss plant wise. Any type of plant, care, and general info.

    With that, let me welcome the newest Moderator to Mindmaze128

    I hope that you all enjoy this and if anyone has ideas, you know they are always encouraged!!! This place is for you and always will be

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    WOW! I'm a Mod! Cool! Well, I'll try to help anyway that I can. But don't expect me, or any moderator in fact, to have all the answers and facts to everything. Collecting and growing plants is a work in progress that always brings something new and unexpected every day. I'm sure that even the most experienced growers, like Peter D'Amato for instance, get surprised by their plants every once in a while. And for all those “newbies” out there, remember that we all are, and always will, be newbies at heart. :*)

    BTW: I'll have some Tillandisa (air plants) seeds soon, so be on the lookout for me in the trading post!


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