Despite the title, I just wanted to two of the "newer" varieties of herbs I've started growing to inform y'all. Lime Basil is really wonderful - when younger it tastes similar to tarragon, but as it matures it really tastes like lime basil! I've stuck some on garlic bread and in salsa for a twist I got it at Thompson & Morgan.

Today I bought some chocolate mint at Lowe's, which smells and tastes exactly like candy! I'd really like propagate this one to share, and since it's mint I doubt I'll have to do more than wait. I know it's been around for awhile but I haven't seen it in a store until today. Does anyone have recipe suggestions for this? So far I've put in in a mint & chip ice cream black russian/ mudslide Maybe brownies? Tea?

Anyone else have something interesting and tasty? Maybe we could start a list here.