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Thread: Amateur questions

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    Well...Im probably asking a question that has lots of answers....but since im pretty new to all this i suppose its a fair question
    im really curious of whats good to grow indoors...i live in northern indiana so i guess alot of the cool stuff wont grow well out doors...beyond that i still live with me mum (im only its not as if im a lazy bum) so i would much rather grow things in my room
    im really looking for some easier things to get started with and take it from there...i plan to make a terrarium of sorts with sun lamp and all...
    so basically im looking for some suggestions from this obviously respectful base of experts as to what to start with, and where to get it....donation accepted of course for seeds and stuff:) (sase included if anyone would like to send me things)

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    Hi JoeC

    Could you possibly narrow it down? lol Do you specifically want to grow plants in a terrarium? What is the lighting like in your room...a bright windowsill? Want big plants...little plants? Have a lot of space...little space? Like flowers or foliage?

    I heartily recommend a Fire Fern to anyone (oxalis hedysaroides 'rubra'). Its a small houseplant (tropical, from South America) that can be grown on a sunny windowsill. It has wiry stems with deep maroon triangular leaves and small, bright yellow flowers. But the cool thing is, the leaves move dramatically when the light changes direction or when misted. They swivel like little solar panels. :-) Its fascinated everyone I've shown it to.

    They are kinda hard to find though. I bought just about all my greenhouse had when I found them. I had been looking for years.

    If you want big, go for a split-leaf philodendron...mine is 7 feet wide and 4 feet tall. Huge! I love it!

    There are soooo many plants you can grow but it does kinda depend on the conditions you can offer in your room.


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    Well, i guess i dont want to start 4 feet tall:)

    I am looking for a combination of CP and non-cp....i think i want to start with a terrarium with numerous plants in sunlight isnt so good. an eastern and a southern window which i keep covered so my bamboo (dracenea) will grow well, neither window has any sort of respectable "sill"....but i wouldnt mind getting a sun lamp and stuff for a terrarium....
    im also kind of looking for something that will stick around all year...

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    As for the sill thing. Neither does mine. I rearaged my room, and put my desk under my window. Nuts to school work, up with plants that eat stuff, as i always like to say... hm.

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    For CPs, I've had great success with the Green Dragon variety of Venus Fly Trap, Drosera Capensis (Cape Sundew), and Nepentheses Ventricosa. I don't grow them in a terrarium because I have a thin windowsill, but many people can give you more advice in the General Discussions area of the forum. Oh, and in the trade section it seems that it's seed season, so you should have some luck there.

    Have fun!

    Well, it's not really a terrarium thing, but I like a pot of edible herbs on my desk, it's great for seasoning snacks while you're studying. Sweet basil, purple ruffle leaf basil, parsley, dill, and oregano are my favorites. All of them like full sun, but I've been able to grow them with some indirect light. All of them can be moved outside as well, and I don't know of any mum that wouldn't like the plants if you wanted to move them to other parts of the house or outside.

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