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Thread: Mexican hat plant

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    Hay guys and girls can I get any poting tips on my mexican hat plants. I want to repot them... what should I expect as for soil type and how long of a root system they have....
    There still pretty small about two inches in hight, and there in a small pot... What pot size should I put them in... Hay Spec. if you read this thankz for these nice plants. And any advice you might have on the plants too..
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    I'm glad they're doing well! you can put 10 in a 6 inch pot, but you'll have to re-pot in about 6 months. I use a mixture of peat/perlite/sand (not much sand though, maybe 1 half part). the root sysem can get pretty large, the 6 inch pot will let them grow for 6 months. when you re-pot again, put each one in a separate pot, a 4 inch will be good. once they're in the 4 inch, they won't near, or at least ueed to be re-potted for around a yntill you think they look cramped. They prefer plastic instead of clay or tera-cotta. in about 3-4 years they should be as large as mine, my largest one is almost 6 feet tall now!
    Good job on growing them, and good luck!

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