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Thread: Mystery seed from haiti!

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    Here's a real quiz for you plant freaks out there...

    I just received a large shipment of seashells from Haiti and in the bag was this object that clearly was not a seashell. At first I thought I had a round flat stone but it was too light for a rock as I looked it over I noticed it has an indentation just like a seed and the shell is very hard and to germinate will likely need to be scarred.

    Here's the seed:

    the seed is about 6 cm in diameter and weighs about 1-1.5 ounces. It is not totally round but flattened like a pebble and only 1.5 cm thick. The image below shows the thickness and the pink aperture:

    What family of plant could this belong to? I'm not looking for species specific names as that could proove impossible. Any germination suggestions?

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    looks like a sea bean (pea family). Entada gigas. from the west Indies so warm & sunny!!
    Sarracenia rosea?...don't be ridiculous!

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    wel , you can try to germinate it to figure out what it is . other wise you can just keep guessing or ask whoever sent you those seashells if they have soke plant that is making seeds .

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