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Thread: Sensitive plant repotting

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    I have a cople of Mimosa Pudicas I have been growing in three inch pots for about three months since germination.

    The leaves on one started yellowing; and since I knew the lighting condition and water were o.k., I felt that maybe they were root bind.

    Boy was I right!

    I know the roots don't like to be disturbed; so I shook the whole ball out of pot and set whole thing in a 6 inch pot.

    Roots were going round and round and protruding outta the bottom of pot. I would have never believed the root system grew that fast in these plants.

    I will definately repot after say, the first month?

    I just got some seeds for Desmodium Gyrans or 'Telegraph Plant' and can't wait to start them.

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    your tellin me , i did'nt know about the repotting thing and my plants all died . buti'm gonna try to cultivate these plants again this spring , i know I won't make that mistake again

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