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Thread: Unknown Fern

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    I got a fern at work because it was getting thrown out, so I bought it for fifty cents... They cant give garbage away, so they make you pay a small price, just to be 'legal' with the store rules... Yah, so....

    It does not look like your typical fern. Almost tropical looking. It has about six leaflets up the petiole, then one at the tip, they are tear dropped shapped, but riged slightly... Each leaf sticks out ofthe ground, not stem or anything like that......

    The leaves are all broken near the base... Still attached, but no way of standing up, kuz they have been snapped i guess. Should I remove the leaves, or r the still doing good?

    I would like to repot it into a pot with more medium. What kind of a potting medium do I use?


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    I am not to familiar with ferns, but my advice for what it's worth is to hold off on doing any trimming or transplanting until the fern has a chance to recover from the neglect it has received. As long as the leaves are green I'd leave them on at least until it sends up new ones or they die. It won't look like much for a while but what it sounds like it needs most is TLC to get it up and going again.
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