Winter is on the way, so I dug up my Aristolochia littoralis [= elegans]
and A. fimbriata today and put them in pots. I grew both from seeds (off eBay). Last winter they were still small and I just placed their pots in a cool greenhouse. This past summer was the first time I planted them out in the yard. The littoralis has many seed pods that are still green so I put it in my greenhouse. I assume the pods will continue to ripen. Should I then put it in a cool spot? Should the vine be cut back to the "hard wood" or the ground? I had to cut the fimbriata back as it was to tangled to get out of the other vegetation. I was surprised that it had a large very thick tuber. Can I just store these tubers until spring or does it need to keep growing? What other Aristolochia you growing? Can these be rooted from cuttings? By the way, I am in zone 7 (Texas).