Hi everbody

I just wanted to bring to everyone's attention that we are pinning a lot of topics to the top of this forum. For some reason, pinned topics tend to get ignored. Perhaps they aren't considered "fresh" like the topics that float. But we need to pin the topics that contain important information like the Bylaws, Mission Statement, Articles of Incorporation and other items of this nature so we can keep track of them, amend them as needed and make sure they are accessible to everyone and easily located. These aren't topics to float and keep bumping to the top.

So...please don't forget to keep your eye on those topics. I'd like to ask that you not post to some of the topics that are pinned information (the meeting Minutes for example). If you have any questions or comments, we welcome that, but start a new topic so we can discuss it.

Check pinned topics when you check this forum.