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Thread: Meeting on Feb 9th

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    Sorry about last night, not being at the meeting. Didn't have a computer with me. What happened? Are there minutes to be posted?

    Rick Myers

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    Hi Rick

    Yep...there are minutes. Caps should be posting those soon. As a very brief recap:

    1) Compensation in plant material for growers: this issue is tabled for now until we are fully underway and more established with plant material; this is issue will be revisited at a much later date and if voted in, a policy will be worked out which may entail a system of volunteer hours worked for "plant credit"; this is something members need to think about, come up with policy ideas and decide if this is a feature of membership you want to have or not
    2) Financial compensation for growing expenses: this needs more discussion; NASC cannot reimburse total growing expenses (i.e. pots, soil, water, lights, etc.); members can submit reasonable compensation requests (with receipts)
    3) Fund-raising: ideas were discussed as to how we can raise some funds; we need to form a fund-raising committee; we will need a volunteer to handle packing/shipping of any items purchased through the website (WHEN we get to that point)
    4) It was voted that PAK (that would be me ) will be sending out email notices to interested members announcing meetings and agendas to help Rose out
    5) Ummm....was there anything else?
    6) OH YEAH...there will be a very important OPEN Growers Meeting this coming Thursday...notices will be posted. We MUST come up with the plant codes for tagging and record keeping. NOW. (Mike has seedlings coming out of his ears!) Yehaw!

    I think that's the gist but Caps will be posting the minutes.

    Thanks to all who attended!
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