Thank you for your interest in NASC. *We hold a Board Meeting every month. *All are open to the general public with the exception of one Annual meeting open to the Board only. The meetings are held the second Thursday of every month at 8 p.m. CENTRAL time. A complete list of meeting times are posted in a pinned topic in the NASC Forum.

Meeting are held online in an AOL Buddy Chat Room. *This has been a stable environment and has worked well. *However, in order to get into the chat room (since its a private room), you must be invited in. *But that's easy!

If you are an AOL member, just email or PM me your Screen Name. *I will add this name into my NASC Buddy List. *As soon as I see you log on, I will issue an invitation for you to enter the room.

If you are not an AOL member, its still easy--all you need to do is download AIM software (its free!). *Then do the me your Screen Name so I can add it to my list. *Then I can invite you in!

Invitations will be sent out to anyone who's name shows up in my NASC Buddy List. *You can participate in the discussions and you can vote on issues as well.

There is also a NASC Announcement Email List. *Sign up to be on this list and you will receive all email topic discussions that take place in between meetings. *You will also receive two reminder emails about upcoming meetings. *Just PM or email me (PlantAKiss) your email address and you will be added to our Announcement List.

We welcome your participation in this organization. *It takes a community to achieve success in our goals!