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Thread: 2008 NASC Board of Directors

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    2008 NASC Board of Directors

    I would like to inform everyone of the 2008 Board of Directors for the NASC. All were elected at the annual membership meeting, which was held last night:

    President: Suzanne Hedderly (president @ nasarracenia . org)
    Vice-President: Arthur Yin (vicepresident @ nasarracenia . org)
    Secretary: Jonathan Treffkorn (secretary @ nasarracenia . org)
    Treasurer: David Schloat (treasurer @ nasarracenia . org)
    Head of PR/Education: Noah Elhardt
    Head of Conservation: Mark Todd
    Head Grower: Mike Howlett
    Head of Distribution: J. C. Stoner
    At Large: Open Position

    Welcome to all, especially to Arthur, who has graciously agreed to be our VP; and to J. C Stoner, our newest board member!

    We are all looking forward to another great year as we move the NASC forward from this point. We are hoping to work diligently toward attaining federal 501(c)(3) status this year as well

    Remember that membership is open to all interested persons; you don't have to be a whiz with Sarracenia to join!

    Good growing,

    Mike Howlett
    NASC Head Grower
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