Hello, bidders and auctioneers!
So, details yet to come, but I was informed by Ozzy at the last NASC meeting of something spectacular. As many of you are already aware, the NASC has a long-standing history of working with the Nature Conservancy. To thank us for our (and by "our," I mean "your") continued contributions over the years, the Nature Conservancy has generously offered to give us a portion of the Boiling Spring Lakes Preserve! Details are still to come; we've yet to work out the details and precise terms, and we are still far from picking an exact location, but this is very exciting news for us members of the board. One thing is for sure though; it wouldn't have been possible without the help of everyone here on TerraForums.
The land will remain protected as a part of the preserve, but will be dedicated to the NASC. This means we won't be building on it, but it has inspired us to investigate into the feasibility of buying some nearby commercial land and creating a permanent brick-and-mortar headquarters. However this may turn out, I think we should make this year's auction turnout especially big to show our gratitude to the Nature Conservancy.
I want to personally thank everyone who has participated in the previous years' auctions, as well as this year's newcomers. You've made a huge difference! Special thanks should go to Mark Todd aka Ozzy, one of the longest-standing NASC veterans and an unbelievably hard worker. We'd be lost without you, Mark. And on the off chance that some Nature Conservancy folks are lurking out there, thank you a thousand times - your contributions are huge and I can say personally that I'm honored to be able to work with you, if only tangentially.
~Joe Granville
Head of PR and Education, NASC