I am just calling attention to the fact that the name POLL has been locked while we discuss the choices a bit longer. We had too many people making suggestions during the poll.

If you have ANY NEW SUGGESTIONS (which are welcome), please post to the original topic on the group name ("Our foundations name...") which is now continuing in discussion.

The Poll can offer only 10 selections, so unfortunately we can't offer ALL suggestions.

Take the time to look through the thread, think about all the suggestions, terms and discussion and then add anything you think might be a good name or state your preference.

This will only be open for a while longer as we MUST get this voted on and in place so we can get down to business! New poll will open Thurday and run through the weekend.

Thank you for your help, support and suggestions!

p.s. And if anyone makes a name suggestion during the second poll...I am going to be coming after you with my noodle whip!!