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Thread: If you are currently working on a project

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    That's a real nice looking heading for that website, Bug. Nice photo. It's exciting to see the name up there.
    Ozzy, does every state that has Sarrs have someone who knows about this project, though? What states have them?
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    Sarrs grow almost every state from Texas along the gulf coast all the way up the east coast, around the great lakes into Canada.
    I don't think we have somebody that lives in every state. But I hope that as this grows so will it members.

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    So far Ozzy and Lavender Dawn, Sarracenia obsessed is doing Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. And by himself!! He could definitely use some help in this project, and Casper will probably step up to the plate and help out. Where in Mississippi is wolfpackgurl? If she's old enough, she could help. In fact, anyone who wishes to help, step up and announce your want, and we can talk about it. All sites will be GPS'ed, and measurements taken and updated as it starts rolling. One step at a time!
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    Lavenderdawn, if you check out my sar sheet, you can see which sars are in which states (that I know of).

    Question: If these locations are such top-secret info, how are we to find it out? Obviously a quick websearch would probably not yield fruit. I would volunteer to map out the S. purpurea population in NY, but I only know of two possible locations (well, one I'm sure of), and beyond that I wouldn't know where to start.
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    If we are to get a true count of the sites and plants left, then we have to keep the info secret. Some sites are known only to a few people and they need to stay that way. These few people that know about the sites would never let the info be published, myself included.
    The way that we find out is we don't. We select one or two people native from an area that knows the sites. Have them to record the info and report how many sites, conditions of the sites, and the names of plants and how many of each species is there. We select one person (that can be trusted) to keep the records.
    The people selected to keep track of the sites in an area should be or become trusted by the locals that know and protect the sites. Their job is to find as many sites as possible, keep track of the plants and in general do what ever is necessary to protect the site. That should include researching and finding out who the owner of the land is. Getting the land owners trust. Keep track of development in the area.
    By doing this we can be the first to know if a site is going to be up for sell. If possible, we can purchase the land. Since we'll have the land owners trust, we should have no problem saving the plants if the site is planned for development.
    These are just some of my ideas. I welcome any criticism, so that we can decide on the best plan to put in place when the time comes.

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    OK, I am contacting Sarracenia retailers worlwide to let them know what we are doing (copy and paste mission statement). I have also asked them to be apart of this and I will follow-up shortly on what exactly they can do. So far I have sent info to:

    1) Botanique
    2) Bug Biting Plants
    3) California Carnivores
    4)Cooks Carnivorous Plants
    5) Flora Labs
    6) Meadowview BioReasearch
    7) Mean Plants
    8) My Carnrivore
    9) Sarracenia Northwest
    10) Triffid Nurseries
    11) Triffid Park
    12) Tristans Carnivorous Plants
    13) ***********
    14) Hortus Botanicus
    15) Plants Delight
    16) Predator Plants
    17) Venus-Fly-Traps
    18) My-Venus-Fly-Traps
    19) The-Venus-Flytrap
    20) CarnivorousPlantstore
    21) Stokes Tropicals
    22) Lees Botanical Garden
    23) Man eating Plants
    24) CEG Nursery
    25) The Fly Trap Farm
    26) Berkshire Biological Research
    27) Carnivorous Plants Plus

    This is what I have sent:

    My name is Joe Hunt and I am contacting you on behalf of NASC (North American Sarracenia Conservancy)

    (As of May 2004)

    The mission of the National Sarracenia Collection is to

    serve as a living record of the taxonomic, morphological

    and genetic diversity of the genus Sarracenia for purposes

    of conservation and cultivation.

    Primary goals:

    1. To preserve genetic diversity by maintaining a living

    collection of the genus Sarracenia species and variants.

    2. To safeguard genetic lineages of plants for possible

    future reintroduction into the wild, after plans for such

    reintroductions and subsequent monitoring are approved

    by a board of experts from a variety of NGOs, Federal/State

    Agencies, etc., as appropriate.

    3. To further safeguard the maintained genetic diversity by

    facilitating widespread cultivation, by Sarracenia

    enthusiasts of all the maintained variants, thereby to better

    ensure variant survival.

    4. To abate poaching by making rare and endangered

    varieties readily available.

    5. To maintain up-to-date, accurate and relevant data to

    meet or exceed normal scientific standards for the

    maintenance of plant material.

    Secondary goals:

    6. To research Sarracenia variability and traits so as to

    understand the range of variability requiring conservation.
    7. To raise public awareness of Sarracenia and habitat

    destruction so as to solicit their greater indolent in

    conservation of the genus and its habitats.

    8. To record accurate, up-to-date data on current

    Sarracenia habitat conditions

    9. To make all variants readily available to enthusiasts.


    1. The Collection will be comprised of recognized,

    approved individual Sarracenia collections grown by

    individuals or organizations throughout the world.

    2. Member sites will serve as aggressive propagation

    centers in order to supply specimen re-introduction into the


    3. A database of existing collections will serve as a

    decentralized "seed bank", with members actively offering

    seed to other members as it is produced.

    4. The database is to be overseen by a committee which

    actively pursues variant survival in cultivation.

    5. A committee will actively pursue variant acquisition from

    existing collections in cultivation and from the wild when


    Currently we are compiling a database of Sarracenia retailers. We would appreciate your information including: Name of business, Name of ownership, Address, Contact information, as well as any other relevant info you wish to be included with your business. If you would like to be a part of this cause or have any questions please feel free to contact me at

    Thanks for your time
    Joe Hunt

    Feel free to critique this as well as any other ideas or suggestions.

    P.S. If Nobody else goes after it I will then move on to BioResearch Stations, Conservation Stations, Universities, and Parks, etc............

    \"There is nothing here of interest to any nation, as a matter of fact there is nothing here but humans!\"

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    Ok, I guess im going to make up the master list of what plants we have in collections?
    I will start a prototype page this week and post it for discussion..

    and as for sites, Tamlin & Lavendar, schloaty and I are in NY state, I believe Tamlin knows about a bog out in his area that im not aware of, and personally I know of 3 bogs in central NY that contain Sarracenia Purpurea and drosera, and one site that contains pings..
    all are fortunately at zero risk of developement..
    We have several New York Staters here...who wants to be "keeper of NY"?

    SnowyFalcon, how is the coding system coming along?
    I will need to use your coding for the list of plants in cultivation..

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    Snowy has gotten out of CPs. I am not sure if he is still working on the project.
    I am just like a Super Hero, but without the power or motivation.................and the funky suit.

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