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The North American Sarracenia Conservancy (NASC)

The mission of the National Sarracenia Collection is to serve as a living record of the taxonomic, morphological and genetic diversity of the genus Sarracenia for purposes of conservation and cultivation.

The goals of NASC are:

1. To preserve genetic diversity by maintaining a living collection of the genus Sarracenia species and variants.

2. To safeguard genetic lineages of plants for possible future reintroduction into the wild, after plans for such reintroductions and subsequent monitoring are approved by a board of experts from a variety of NGOs, Federal/State Agencies, etc., as appropriate.

3. To further safeguard the maintained genetic diversity by facilitating widespread cultivation, by Sarracenia enthusiasts of all the maintained variants, thereby to better ensure variant survival.

4. To abate poaching by making rare and endangered varieties readily available.

5. To maintain up-to-date, accurate and relevant data to meet or exceed normal scientific standards for the maintenance of plant material.


This benefit auction is for raising money to help fund NASC projects. All proceeds will go directly to the non-profit organization for start-up legal fees and other operating expenses.

DONATED ITEM SUBMISSION PERIOD: Monday, May 10th through Sunday, May 16th (7 days).

AUCTION PERIOD: Monday, May 17th until Monday May 24th (8 days).

The auction is open to the general public both for donating items (listing) and for bidding (purchasing). This auction affords every individual an opportunity to make a contribution to a very worthy conservation/preservation cause. Auction rules are posted in the NASC Auction Forum.

It will cost little in effort but the payback can be priceless in saving our North American sarracenia for generations to come to enjoy.

All are welcome to participate! Direct donations are appreciated as well!