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Thread: Hurricane casper!

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    Well, I have heard from Casper. Seems he got sent to Florida to help put things back together again after Charley came through and ruined a lot of lives. He has been evacuated, and is at present holed up just north of Jacksonville. Now he is waiting for Frances to come through, so he can go and rebuild after the hurricane is done doing it again. In the meantime, Casper has been helping out those who have lost their homes and has given to these people from his heart. Casper is helping to rebuild Florida, and a few lives that he has touched along the way. Bless your heart, Casper. DANG!!! He IS a friendly ghost!

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    Aww, you're right! What a super nice ghost! Thanks for posting this Bugweed as it is nice to know... I've moved this to general from u.s. national sarr. coll. as I don't think that is where you ment to put it...
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