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Thread: Sarracenia's

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    Who has what? I think this would be a good thread to post what you have (Sarracenia wise). I'm not sure whether the National Collection is just location plants or not, but I do not think so. This is not a trade thread. Please post what you have to contribute now or in the future and specify.
    I have now:
    S. psitticenia 'Wilkerson bog'
    S. leucophylla 'Buck Pond'
    S. purpurea ssp. venosa var. burkeii 'Buck Pond'
    S. oreo x. ?(will edit soon)
    S. minor 'Flagler Estates, St. Johns County Fl'
    S. minor 'Publix site, St. Johns County Road 210, Jacksonville, Fl'
    I have for future:
    S. oreo
    S. rubra alabam
    S. rubra jonesii
    S. purpurea ssp. purpurea
    S. leucophylla 'Baldwin County, Al'
    S. leucophylla
    S. 'red leuco'
    S. psitticenia 'Okee Giant'
    S. psitticenia 'Pensicola, Fl'
    S. flava ssp. ornata 'Wilmington, NC'
    S. flava 'Wilkerson bog'
    S. minor 'Okee'
    S. formosa 'Okee'
    S. flava x. leuco
    S. purpurea ssp. purpurea x. rubra
    S. 'Scarlet Belle'
    S. minor 'Green Cove Springs'
    S. alata
    S. alata 'purple lid' (On the roof of the inner lid, what's it really called?)
    S. alata maroon

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    When the NASC is ready, we'll be asking for everyone's growlists, don't worry!
    17 Nash Rd.
    North Salem, NY 10560

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    heres mine:
    1 S. alata "ruby throat"
    1 S. Alata f. "Red Throat" x Rubra spp. Alabamensis
    10 S. Alata 'Black' x Flava Rubricorpa
    2 S. Flava
    1 S. Flava Grayton Beach, FL
    1 S. Flava Maxima
    1 S. Flava Ornata
    1 S "Virginia flava"
    1 S. Flava "cuttroat"
    1 S. flava x purpurea
    1 S. (Catesbaei x Renan) x Citronelli
    1 S. purpurea x rubra
    1 S. Purpurea x flava
    1 S. purpurea
    3 S. Pupurea spp. Rosea
    1 S. Pupurea spp. Burkeii
    1 Pot S. Purp x Flava ornata F2 Seedlings
    1 S. Oreophila
    1 S. oreophila x (flava x purpurea)
    1 pot S. (Oreo x Flava) x Leuc x Oreo seedlings
    2 S. rubra ssp. "gulfensis" Crestview, FL
    1 S. rubra ssp. "gulfensis" x moosie
    1 pot S. (Rubra x Oreo) x Flava seedlings
    1 pot S. (Rubra x Oreo) x Oreo x Flava seedlings
    1 S. Rubra spp. Alabamensis x Rubra
    1 S. Rubra spp. Alabamensis AL001
    1 S. Rubra spp. Alabamensis AL002
    1 S. Rubra spp. Alabamensis AL003
    1 S. Rubra spp. Jonesii
    1 S. Rubra spp. Wheryi
    1 S. Rubra x Leucophylla
    2 S. psittacinas
    1 S. psittacina x Rubra "antho free"
    1 S. Minor
    2 S. Minor Long Co. GA
    1 S. Minor Wayne Co. GA
    1 S. minor var. okeefenokensis Ware County, Georgia
    1 S. Luecophylla
    13 S. Leucophylla random clones, hand pollinated by Bob Hanaran
    1 S. (Leuco x moorei) x (leuco x gilpina)
    1 S. "Red Leuco"
    1 pot S. Leucophylla x (leuc x Flava) seedlings
    1 Pot S. Leuc x Rubra seelings
    3 S. x "judith hindle"
    1 S. Scarlett belle
    2 S. wrigleyana
    1 S. x Hummers hamerhead
    1 Pot S. Excellens seedlings
    3 S. Excellens x Moorei
    9 S. Readii x Moorei
    3 pots random hybrid seedlings
    1 S. H1 Hybrid
    1 S. H2 Hybrid
    1 S. H3 Hybrid
    1 S. H4 Hybrid
    1 S. H5 Hybrid
    1 S. H8 Hybrid
    1 S. H12 Hybrid
    1 S. H7 Hybrid
    2 S, Unknown Hybrids
    Join the CCPS, you wont regret it:

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