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Thread: Joaquim vanda

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    I just got this cutting from walmart but it is missing the crown. How do i root this plant and what is the care for it does anybody know? Thnx
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    You are sure its a Vanda right? Have you got a picture? Unless you are sure it could have been misstagged. I have never seen a Vanda at Walmart here in GA, but provided its a vanda you want to plant it in a slat basket with nothing or you would add some wine corks or large chunks of charcole. You want to acclimate it to full sun come summer time. Most Vandas like ALOT of light. They are warm growers so don;t put it outside unless temps are going to be over 60F. Vandas like to be watered everyday because they are bare root in the slat basket. They like to dry out between watering and that is easily accomplished in a slat baskey with the roots hanging down. Since you say its missing the crown if its long enough it will start a new crown out the side and contiue to grow up. Just remember to move it into the sun slowly to get it used to full sun again. Fertalize weekly weakly. That would be 1/4 strength orchid fert once a week. Fresh water the rest.
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