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Thread: Rose Pogonia Question

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    Located in Delaware. I have a Rose Pogonia which was given to me as a gift. It was dormant when I got it, but still has shown no signs of life. I've checked the pot and the roots are still bright brown and firm. The pot is sitting outside in about 1/4 to 1/2 inch of water, sharing a tray with some sars. From all that I've read, it should be putting up at least a few leaves and flowers by now. Does anyone here have bog orchid experience? This plant will be gorgeous if it makes it, and I'm hoping to divide it into a few container bogs next year. Is there anything I can do besides wait?

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    Check out this site for a little more info on your Pogonia. Rose Pogonia I don't have any experience with them myself, but I do have to look for them now. I have some Bletilla orchids that have been sprouting for a little while, and still no flowers yet. I have already seen posts from Tenn where his have flowered already, and at the time he posted, mine were not even coming up yet. I am further south. I'm in GA. I would give them some more time. How long have you had them? I wouldn't devide untill you have given them a chance to acclimate to your conditions for a year or two. It could set them back more. I would worry they were dead if nothing came up and its getting fall again. You still have all summer to see flowers.
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