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Thread: Ochid seedling care

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    Ochid seedling care

    I got this one orchid that I got in Louisiana when I went to my brothers wedding so far it's doing ok it was in a flask with agar or whatever few weeks it started growing mold inside the bottle I never opened it or anything so I just took action and got the orchids out of it and planted the seedlings they're roots were decent sizes so I hoped they would pull through only one had looked good over a couple weeks so I tossed the dead ones and planted this little guy in a small pot with LFS, perlite, and a tiny bit of peat not much though..

    Today it's doing pretty well the leaves it has is still green and it got a purplish coloration and in one area it has a bump I think it might be a root or a new leaf I'm a total newb with orchids so I'm not sure if I potted it correctly or what the nub is and is there anything I should do to help the little guy grow?

    Another thing when I first planted it's roots didn't look to well, but three weeks ago I checked it and it has a root bud growing after that I put it back into it's pot and now I leave it alone except for watering it with distilled water.

    Here's a few pictures this is how it's been planting I also marked the bump on it..
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    It looks fine but, like a new baby, it'll be sensitive to strong light, drafts, heat cold ...

    Here's the best advice I've ever seen for deflasking orchids: It's so good I bet even Sarah Palin could successfully deflask orchids after reading that. I apologize for that, but new orchid posts are a magnet for Josh and sometimes Rattler, so I couldn't resist.
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