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Thread: One of my Orchids

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    One of my Orchids

    Hey everyone,
    I'm new to the forum, not so new to Orchids((I've had one for four, going on five years)). I only have a few plants, but I hope to expand that, I just need to find a source of them lol. My collection right now consists of three phalaenopsis and one cymbidium.

    I have no clue to as to what variety? Cultivar? Im not sure what the correct term for that? I'm fairly nerw to the terminology of it all. They all came from Home Depot with no other information other than phalaenopsis and cymbidium. Would kinda like to know though haha.

    So right now I have pictures of one of my phals that are in bloom. The other two are about to bloom as well.

    I am also interested in learning the anatomy of an orchid, and how they are pollinated. I've read people doing it, but I haven't found any pictures that specifically label where the male and female parts are on an orchid. And yes I do know all the special requirements of raising orchids from seed. No clue if I will ever try it, but learning about how its done just fascinates me :P

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    Oooh, pretty. Very nice. Welcome to TF!

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    Sometimes you can contact the nursury (not Home Depot) and get the actual name of the orchid. Otherwise there is no way to know exactly which one you have. I'm assuming they are hybrids, if they are species then you could figure it out. Most of the Big Box store orchids are hybrids thou.

    There are a few good orchid forums out there, I would read up on some of them. Tons of info out there. Just Google "orchid forums" and start reading.

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