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Thread: Lady Slipper pot

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    if you do put in the sun make sure they are used to it or they could burn, acclimate over a couple, to three weeks,
    some of can take more sun , the mottled (spotted) leaf paph's can take fairly low light.

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    thanks everyone for this helpful advice. The only reason why I was asking about the african pot is because I have managed to grow pings on them. I have now transfer them into regular pots and I have one african pot that is not in use. So I thought since the african violet pot keeps the media moist but never gets saturated I could maybe use it on a Paphiopedilum.

    Uphwiz: Thank you for you personal experience it means a lot to me!

    Seedjar: Yes you are correct. The pot has two parts to it. One is a reservoir where I can put the water and forget about it, and the other is unglazed clay where the plant and media goes.

    Swords: From what I am understood my species is a tropical plant. The flower is mostly purple with black specks, with white and purple stripes. The plant is not in bloom but I can remember the flower.

    SGcvn69: I have read in many places this instructions and you have confirmed it. I am using Orchid fertilizer w/ out Urea and I am misting every twice a week. As for sunlight, this is not an option. What I am using instead is 6-t12's 40 watt each. (Yes I am growing it next to my carnivorous plants) its about 18 inches away from the light source.

    I was thinking of using the african violet pot and using some really airy media like 1 part sphagnum peat moss, 2 part orchid bark, 2 parts perlite. Or something to that matter. But it is true that no air whatsoever will go into the roots unless I put a fan right on top of it. Bad Idea! So, I am discarting this idea.
    The only reason why I am repotting it is because couple of months ago it felt out of my hands and landed on the floor where most of the media landed. I threw the media away and left what was on the pot. Now the plant is giving three plantlets and is currently in a tall 3 inch pot filled with holes. So this the reason why I want to repot. The only thing I am scared of is overwatering it. I do have some orchid mix I had bought at Home Depot. Ill just buy another pot for my orchid. I do want to say thank you for everyone taking your time and trying to help me out.



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    Yes, Paphs and Phrags are tropical lady slippers, the Asian species growing in some of the same regions as Neps. Sounds like Jag has one of these tropical types which makes caring for it a lot easier. Be sure the pot has drainage holes and pot the plant with fine diameter bark and you won't have to worry about overwatering.

    You can grow the tropicals outside in good weather, mine bloomed well after spending the summers on the patio. Just don't leave them outside once temps get down to 50*F or so since they don't die back to a corm and come back every year like a Cypripedium does or is supposed to.

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