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Thread: conditions for Neofinetia vs. Ludisia

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    conditions for Neofinetia vs. Ludisia

    I've been looking for another orchid for my terrarium. The humidity stays around 60%. My Ludisia d. and L. d. 'Alba' plants have been doing since I got them about 6 months ago. A couple are looking as though they may bloom. They have buds at the tips now instead of rolled leaves.

    I found some growing info on Neofinetia and it seems the humidity and lighting is right in my terrarium. The only thing I am in question about is the lower night time temps. They only differ by about 5 to 10, not the 15 that I've read they require according to most growers. The coolest it ever gets in the house is about 72 at night. Occasionally maybe down to 68, but not regularly. This seems far from the 65 I've read they require at night.

    Then I saw this post in which "Taargus" stated, "They have been in my terrarium for about 3 years. Some people say they need a cooler dry winter to bloom in the spring/summer, however, I have one that’s spiking again that has never had cooler, only watered less. I’m experimenting this year and took another one out and put it next to a window to get cool/dry and we will see how that goes. They grow like weeds in the lowland conditions so It was hard to take one out. But in my experience they dont need cooler temps to thrive."

    I've been looking at the New World Orchids site and found what I believe is the darkest variety, N. f. 'Shutenno'. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this specific one? Or if anyone has also been able to grow them without the stated temperature fluctuations?

    I was thinking that it would be nice if a small summer blooming orchid would grow in my tank with my other winter blooming ones to extend the bloom season.


    Edit: Thanks anyway but, I received an answer.
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