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Thread: Silly Phragmipedium, stand up straight

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    Silly Phragmipedium, stand up straight

    I have two Phragmipedium besseae cross that I've raised since they left the compot in 2006. One of them, a sequential bloomer has bloomed for me every fall for the last three years.
    The second one had put one new fan last year but had never bloomed. Last month it finally put up a spike. As of right now it has two buds on the spike, one opened and one not.
    The open bloom looks just like a P. besseae except the silly thing is sideways. The bloom connects to the stem properly but the bloom itself is turned so there is a petal going straight down, a petal going straight up and the pouch is facing sideways.
    And, it has three new fans already starting.
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    Hopefully future blooms won't be disoriented, so to speak.
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