Repot every orchid when you get them. They are packed with so much moss there is no air flow so the plants don't come unpotted in transport. The spots look like sunburn and secondary fungal rot. Phals can take being moist but best bet is to have them dry out. Don't allow water to stay in the crown. And Personally I do not like LFS for orchids. There are some exceptions but phals get a seedling mix.

Shouldn't use house plant fert on orchids. The Nitrogen is in the form of urea and has to be broken down in the soil to be turned into nitrogen. Does no good for orchids. Then the motto for fert is weakly weekly. 1/4 strength of whatever the dose says on the package. once a week. Orchids HATE fert salt buildup.So when you water water the bejesus out of it flushing the pot good. Then don't water again till you can stick a bamboo skewer in the middle of the pot and it comes out dry. Again there are few exceptions like paphs and phrags but the pics you shown were of phals and they need to dry. There are only a few that like to stay moist and they are species.

Repot those babies. Get them into some high humidity and you might save them. The wrinkling int he leaves is dehydration but phals can take loosing roots and be saved. They just need to go into an infirmary so to speak. If you cannot provide high humidity. Repot into fresh mix that has soaked a while in water. Place in a ziplock back and seal. Place in low light so it doesn't over heat and wait till you see signs of new roots growing. Open the back every other day or so. This trick can be used on back bulbs to get new growth started on cattleya or other sympodials. Get those guys out of the LFS. In the case of orchids it is not your friend. You can even grow them in the miracle grow mix. DO NOT get the phal mix. It is a heavy peat moss mix and it is a totally different try of growing.

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YOU SHOULD NEVER Water with just a little water!!!!!!!

You CANNOT give an orchid too much water at one time!!!!! NEVER that is the biggest misconseption ever!!!! The way you over water an orchid is by watering them too frequently! If you give jsut a little bit of water the bark doesn't soak anything up and what doesn't get soaked by the roots imediately will got to the medium and allow for fert salts to build up! This goes for ANY ANY ANY ANY ANY ANY ANY ANY ANY other plant as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGG I have had so many people ask me why their plant looks dehydrated. I ask how much you watering it. A gallon at a time but it still looks like it is dying. Bone dry soil will have water just run threw it and it will not retain any moisture. Same goes for orchid bark. When you water water the CRAP out of it. Set it in water for ten min. When I water I water once and when I am done I water again. Or I wait ten min and water again, but I water the bejesus out of things. Then don't water again till dry. I cringe every time I hear the walmart TV say just place an ice cube on your plant to water it. A sure way to KILL it. Learn your plants. In the wild it doesn't rain just a gallon it rains a bunch. Use the skewer trick it works for beginers. If it comes out damp you don't water if it si dry water the mess out of it.

I will say it again. You cannot water too much at a time. You over water by watering too frequently. This goes for Everything you grow.