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Thread: Brassavola, anyone?

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    Brassavola, anyone?

    Sorry if you clicked hoping for flowers. Believe you me, I am pumped for when my little guys bloom for the first time! But these are still small, so it might be a while. I am infatuated with growing orchids mounted. If you have any Brassavola, mounted or no, I'd love to see!

    Both of my Brassavola mounts (The little thing higher up on the left one is a piece of my Tolumnia x 'Pretty 'n' Pink,' which I hope will also establish itself there)

    The B. nodosa was the first to, successfully, recover from being broken off my mother's plant. Do these plants flower from new growth? It'd be truly something if this guy sent up a flower, too.

    B. flagellaris, which I guess is slightly less wide-spread among hobbyists. It started to grow, but then we had that major heat-wave back in July :/ . I then opted for a more "traditional" mounting approach, and tucked a piece of LFS behind it. It didn't, and still doesn't, have any roots to it, the poor thing. I really hope it makes it. I love the long, thin leaves. Does anyone else grow this species?

    Thanks for looking!
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