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Thread: Aerangis biloba culture?

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    Aerangis biloba culture?

    I've done some reading about these guys, and they seem to like temps between 60-65 at night and 75-85 during the day, with high humidity, indirect light, decent airflow, and are best grown mounted, but well drained media like live sphagnum works too, right? Assuming the rest of this is correct, the only thing left is fertilizer. Do they really need a very diluted one, or can they get enough nutrients from their substrate, however sparse it usually is?

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    Many orchids will grow and bloom even if not fertilized for years. However, they grow and bloom better if fertilized.

    Have never tried live sphag with Aerangis but you could always experiment. Assuming you are planning on growing it potted -- based on your comments -- I would suggest something far more open like large grade perlite and bark or coconut husk chunks perhaps with a little sphag mixed in.
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