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Thread: Two of my favorites!

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    Two of my favorites!

    Hey guys!
    I've always loved the slipper orchids and the long petaled Phragmepediums have been among my favorites. I'm lucky enough to have these two wonderful species in bloom for a little comparison!

    First, probably the most well known species. Phrag. caudatum, I have been through several different clones and this is probably the nicest one I've had, definitely a keeper! This is a first bloom plant, so I'm hoping for more flowers the next time it blooms!

    And here's a plant I bought labeled as Phrag. wallisii, which is assuredly now known by a different name. I've been hesitant to re-label it since it seems this section of the genus Phragmepediums is in taxonomic flux and everyone has their own opinion about what's recognized as a species and what's subspecies or varieties. Nonetheless, it's a gorgeous plant!

    Thanks for looking!
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    WOW that thing is AWESOME!!
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    Quite nice!
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