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Thread: Blooming influenced by photoperiod

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    I was just curious if photoperiod (or "lights on" time) is a factor in causing blooming in tropical orchids (highland or lowland)? I grow all my plants in large chambers and am just curious if I should be lengthening or shortening my day length. Currently my tanks are lit about 9 am til midnight.

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    to flower a plant it is usually to shorten a time period of light. when i was growing other stuff not to mention what it was it was like 14 hrs of light then cut back to 8 hrs of light to get them to flower. it has been sometime since i've grow so i don't really remember the correct time periods of light but, it should be about the same if a little diff to get plants to flower.
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    Most Cattleya prefere a variation of 2-4 hours through out the year.
    For most Phals its the night temp drop.
    The general rule is 14/10 summer, 11/13 winter.
    For many plants flowering is automatic and begins as the new growth matures.

    Its usually fairly easy to judge what a plants reqiurements are if you know its origin.

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