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Thread: Paph orchids

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    I just found a bud on one of my plants.

    This will be the first time I have had an orchid bloom. I have always purchased them in bloom
    and I just started collecting them last year.Here is a photo of the same plant last year in bloom.

    This is another Paph that I just purchased.

    I normally like the cream colored ones but this looked to prety to pass up.

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    Nice Paphs, Majorie. :-) The paphs and phrags are my favorites. I just noticed this weekend that one of my paphs that I bought off eBay that has never bloomed, is in bud! Very exciting. I have no clue what it will look like other than it is a vini type. I have an oncidium in spike, a Sharry Baby with its third spike in bloom, my beautifu brassia is in spike (VERY excited over that one) and several dens in spike also. If you have a gazillion orchids, there's almost always something flowering. hehe

    I was bad...I just bought 4 new dens this weekend. One is cream with purple stripes...very unusual.

    Thanks for sharing the pics!

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