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Thread: Too warm for  my orchid :(

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    I'm getting a miniature orchid for my terrarium but my dad likes to keep the heat a constant 75 degrees. Khai says that
    I would have many more choices if there were some temperature variation between day and night. Is there any type of cooling system I could buy/use/make thats cheap?
    Do you have this problem?


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    Why not try and sell your dad on the idea of pruchasing an auto set back thermostat for your house. With this you can set your heat to run at 75 during the day and then have it automatically kick back to say 68 at night right before you go to bed and then set it so the furnace kicks back on a half hour before anyone gets up. This way no one suffers in the "cold" and you save money too, not to metion contributing to the conservation of resouces.


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