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Thread: what kind of orchid is this?

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    Good morning all...

    So this is what the tag reads on my orchid...

    P.Atienyuki x P.Taisuco Kaaladian

    I was told this is a phal, but how would one know? What exactly does the name mean? I have tried to do some research on the internet, but haven't come up with any results.

    Another question, how do you know if your orchid is getting enough light? I have mine in the center of a room with an east facing window, and a north facing window, but for most of the summer the blinds were drawn shut to help keep the brutal sun from scortching the apartment. The room still gets plenty of light with the blinds closed, but how would one know if it is enough for an orchid to rebloom? I was thinking of moving it to another room, to a window sill with north-eastern light. Is a window sill better that a shelf in the middle of the room? Any suggestions?


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    It is indeed a phal... check out this site.

    Plant Listing Taiwan Phalaenopsis 2001-2002

    There's a tunnel at the end of the light...

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    A sill most definately.


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