i found a plant in an area where my grandma keeps here plants that are used for medicine or are too big . I found a plant near one of the palms which was hidden under it's leaves , at first I thought it was a dead bamboo but then I saw the weird formation of the roots . so i brought it to my grand ma and she only knew vietnamese so i remembered that she had a plastic orchid in the centerpiece on the living room and took it to show it to my grandma and she said that it was that plant , an orchid . she said she had it for a very long time for like about 5 years . the orchid was very old and dry which made it dead , but i looked at the tip of the stems and they had little green plants on them with roots but i could'nt describe what kind they were so i just yanked them off and planted them in pots with the soil that the mother plant has . so all i need now is some information on how I will take care of it , it seems that the orchid was in potting soil and has beem watered occasionally . P.S. fatboy , remember to get me some orchids while your in sumatra .